Basement Cleaning Services Montreal

Basement Cleaning Services

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Basement Cleaning Services Montreal

MENAGE TOTAL Company cleans all of your home and basement too, particularly once floodings. we offer extremely qualified personnel with the simplest cleanup instrumentality of well-known international brands. you’ll take care that your basement is like new. we offer regular basis, weekly or biweekly cleanup services in an urban center and Laval.

From your basement, we will remove mud, destroyed instrumentality and piece of furniture, garbage. we will clean the walls and floors. Our cleanup c company paints and renews destroyed interiors.

We have enormous expertise in cleanup upholstery, space rugs and particularly carpets. Menage total was engaged in analysis concerning the categories of carpets, their exploitation and cleanup technology.

Painting basement walls are fast thanks to modification and renew this a part of your home. we tend to fastidiously prepare the walls before applying the paint. It helps to realize an improved wanting job and one which will last longer. The surface of the walls has to be clean and dry before applying any paint. There area unit a couple of steps to require this. The walls should be clean and clear from any rubble. initial we tend to fill smaller cracks with appropriate filler that may be sanded swish to the wall. Mildew may be a downside in cold or poorly vented basements. It should be removed and that we use a special pressure-hose for this job, providing the surplus water to be easily drained out of the basement. All surfaces should be clean and free from dirt, dust, efflorescence, and oil. that is we tend to perform a method referred to as acid etching before painting basement walls. If we’re painting concrete basement walls that have already got been painted, we can’t have to be compelled to do the acid etching, unless there area unit blank or peeling spots within the recent paint.Unless the basement walls are recently painted – can|we’ll|we are going to} ought to apply a coat of primer to the walls so as to make sure actual paint will adhere to the wall properly.

When the surface is with chemicals neutral and dry, we will begin work on painting concrete basement walls.To paint the basement walls we tend to use Behr basement and masonry waterproofing paint, that is premium, interior/exterior waterproofer designed for porous concrete and masonry surfaces. This low odor, masonry waterproofer is developed for waterproofing on top of and below grade basement walls, masonry walls, retaining walls, fragment & concrete blocks, stucco, and brick. This alkali resistant provides a long, sturdy and ornamental end that resist water oozy underneath hydraulics pressure. It uses NanoGuard technology sturdy adhesive barrier to prevent water infiltration.

Basement floor just like the concrete one ought to be ready before applying paint to the surface. It ought to be decreased and clean before painting. we tend to use special pressure wash to scrub the basement floor of dirt. Then we tend to check the wetness in the basement. If their area unit any traces of wetness within the basement floor, it mustn’t be coated and painted. Painting ought to continue solely once wetness is removed, together with the supply wetness being determined and eliminated. once the ground has been decreased and checked for wetness, we tend to check for its profile. to own a positive profile on the surface, the utilization of acid artist is important. One we tend to do the acid etching we totally wash the whole surface with a pressure washer to get rid of any residue of the acid. Once these processes area unit over and through with, the particular painting of the basement floor will begin.

We do the subsequent for your basement floor:

  • Low wetness quick dry carpet cleanup
  • Hardwood cleanup
  • We clean tile and grout
  • Vinyl cleanup
  • We clean brick
  • Concrete cleanup
  • We clean stone

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